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Our Latest Case Studies


The renewable energy sector is moving fast and so is Victus. We are managing a variety of renewable energy projects at various stages of development and completion. At Victus, client confidentiality is very important to us, so unfortunately we cannot share all of the details, but here’s a snapshot of a number of our current projects. 


(May 2023) Acquired 2mW CHP for customer redeployment.


(June 2023) Successfully brokered the sale of 250kW Anaerobic Digestion enterprise and 4ROC accredited CHP.


(October 2022) Proactively reacting to 2022-2023 energy crises and renegotiated client Power Purchase Agreements in line with market demands, in some cases doubling their returns.

Purchasing Power

(April 2023) Purchase & resale of 750kWs of ROC accredited generating station.

Solar Strength

(April 2023) Project Overview: Contracted to supply 285kW solar PV system on a shopping centre.

Solar Deployment

(December 2023) Project Overview: Victus contracted to deliver a 220kW solar PV system to a food processing facility.