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The Victus Journey


 From biofuels to biogas, over 17 years we have developed a deep understanding of the renewable energy market, with specific expertise in biogas development, solar pv deployment and working with the statutory bodies that help shape the industry and it’s direction of travel.


First Steps

Bio Fuel enterprise developed to fulfil bio fuel demand from a local transportation authority


Biogas Launch

Launch of Biogas consultancy and work with local farmers on Anaerobic Digestion opportunities in Northern Ireland & England following the 4 ROC legislation


Super Solar

Solar PV design and installation team began deploying Solar PV across the UK & Ireland, working on behalf of commercial and residential clients as well as Private Equity Fund Managers.


Major Milestone

Major project to register ROC accredited Generating stations with OFGEM. Victus Energy achieved 17 CHP's deployed successfully prior to ROC regime closure in March 2017.

Victus successfully commissions their own Biogas plant


ROC Trading

Launched ROC Trading & Power Purchase business.

• Victus introduce and deploy the ammonia stripping technology (Vapogant) to their Biogas enterprise and begin removing ammonia from digestate and creating a fertiliser revenue stream.

A UK Record

Working closely with OFGEM, Victus was the 1st business in the UK to successfully re-located a ROC accredited Generation station to a new enterprise


Revamping failed projects

Victus acquired 4 Biogas Plants from Administration and has successfully relocated the assets to new profitable enterprises, building on the work with
OFGEM in 2019


Market Dominance

Continued work within the Biogas sector. Of the 86 Anaerobic Digestion plants operating in NI, Victus has been involved in 28 of these projects


The sun is back

Expanding our biogas consultancy and development business to England, Wales and Scotland. Working with our key financial and stakeholder partners to turn around failing plants and develop new projects.

Launched Solara, a Private Equity Funded Solar PV solution for commercial clients. Solara removes any financial barriers to entry by providing free-to-install solar PV, guaranteeing fixed, low-cost renewable energy on long-term PPAs.


Planning Ahead

Continued development and expansion of the biogas and global consultancy business with our partners. Consolidate our footprint in the British Isles with an outlook to the North American market for continued expansion.

Expansion of Solara PV fund and rollout of projects to deployment.

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