Three 500kW CHP Generators Move ROC Trading and PPA Business to Victus Energy Trading Limited.

Maximising Profitability and Operational Efficiency in the Anaerobic Digestion Sector
February 2024 – County Tyrone & County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Victus Energy Trading Limited is proud to announce the successful transition of ROC trading and PPA business for three 500kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators to its dynamic trading platform. Two of these generators, based in County Tyrone, sought a partner with a deep understanding of the Anaerobic Digestion sector to consolidate their trading efforts and maximise profitability.  Meanwhile, the County Armagh-based operation required detailed advisory services to revitalise their project, leveraging Victus’s unique expertise.

In a strategic move to enhance their operational efficiency and profitability, three 500kW CHP generators have shifted their ROC trading and PPA business to Victus Energy Trading Limited. Victus, with its unparalleled knowledge and experience in the Anaerobic Digestion sector, make it the ideal trading partner for these generators.

The two generators in County Tyrone aimed to consolidate their trading with a partner capable of delivering maximum profitability through a deep understanding of the Anaerobic Digestion sector. Victus Energy Trading Limited’s proven track record and comprehensive expertise made them the obvious choice.

The County Armagh-based operation was in need of detailed advice to turn their project around. Victus has a unique position as the only ROC trading business within a group that owns and operates their own biogas generator, provides the critical support and insight required for this turnaround.

Victus Energy Trading Limited is thrilled to welcome these CHP generators to our ROC trading and PPA platform,” said Dwyer O’Neill, Commercial Director at Victus Energy Trading Limited. “Our extensive knowledge of the Anaerobic Digestion sector allows us to offer unparalleled advice and trading services, ensuring maximum returns for our clients. We are committed to driving profitability and operational excellence for these projects.” Victus Energy Trading Limited stands out in the market due to its integration of biogas generation within its operations, providing a firsthand understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the sector. This unique position enables Victus to offer bespoke solutions that maximise returns from operating ROC accredited biogas CHP systems.

“Our decision to move our trading operations to Victus Energy Trading Limited was driven by their deep sector expertise and dynamic approach to trading,” said SC, owner of the County Tyrone-based generators. “We are confident that Victus comprehensive services and strategic insights will significantly enhance our profitability.”

The transition, completed in February 2024, marks a significant milestone for Victus Energy Trading Limited as it continues to expand its footprint in the renewable energy trading market.