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An expert partner for your Green Energy Ambitions.


Victus is a leading renewable energy developer, specialising in Biogas, Commercial Solar PV & Energy Trading. Our edge has always been in redefining how green energy projects can be delivered. As experienced Biogas developers & operators, we have an unparalleled appreciation of this sector. As an early Solar PV pioneer we were ahead of the curve in bringing solar PV to the market.

We’ve grown to be a dependable trading platform for ROCs and Energy, and through our corporate experience bring a wide set of skills to our renewable energy advisory services. Embedded deep in our corporate culture is our goal to nurture and feed the green, clean economy and to help our partners achieve their renewable objectives. In this sector experience and tenure really count.

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Delivering a Greener, Cleaner future.

why us

Biogas & Anaerobic Digestion Waste to Energy solutions

Our rich experience of planning, designing, implementing & operating Biogas projects over the last decade with over 72,250 MW capacity deployed.

Solar PV Design, Build & Supply Services

Experienced in designing and installing commercial scale Solar PV. Our end-to-end service offer fully funded (free to install) or purchased systems. Designed to optimise your energy needs, while bringing enhanced ESG & SDG benefits to any corporation wishing to augment their green credentials.

ROC Trading, Power Purchase Negotiations & Advisory Services

A perfect blend of trading renewable energy commodities and advising on how best to maximise your savings and RoI on green projects gives us a unique perspective on the opportunities.

CO2 Off-Setting & Carbon Trading

We'll help you analyse your CO2 footprint and help you deliver solutions to reduce your businesses impact on the environment.

Biogas & Anaerobic Digestion

ROC Trading & Advisory Services

Solar PV

CO2 Off-Setting & Carbon Trading


Victus NI & GB Biogas CHP Projects

Biogas CHPs
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N.Ireland Key - kWe size

1. 750kW

2. 235kW

3. 500kW

4. 500kW

5. 500kW

6. 500kW

7. 500kW

8. 500kW

9. 500kW

10. 500kW

11. 500kW

12. 250kW

13. 500kW

14. 200kW

15. 500kW

16. 250kW

17. 330kW

18. 250kW

19. 500kW

20. 500kW

21. 250kW

22. 500kW

23. 1500kW

24. 260kW

25. 260kW

26. 500kW

27. 500kW

28. 500kW

29. 500kW

30. 500kW

31. 1900kW

GB Key - kWe size

1. 800kW

2. 600kW

3. 600kW

4. 1000kW

5. 600kW

6. 600kW

7. 1000kW

8. 800kW

9. 800kW

10. 600kW

11. 600kW

12. 1100kW

13. 657kW



Anaerobic Digestion

Energy Trading

Global Advisory
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A brighter future,
for everyone.


Renewable energy offers a brighter future for all and we are committed to developing renewable energy projects, working with clients in the UK, Ireland and across the globe. Our focus is on harnessing the power of renewables, reducing carbon emissions, and creating sustainable energy solutions to combat climate change. Join us in shaping a greener economy and creating a sustainable future together.

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