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Edenmore Farm

Edenmore Farm has been growing crops for British and Irish consumers for decades. They are highly successful in the sector and despite tough trading and growing conditions being the norm, they keep going with a positive vision to push their business forward for the next generation of farmer, and to remain competitive in a global food market.

Project: Vapogant Nutrient Recovery System

Victus Actions:

  • Source and supply Vapogant Nutrient Recovery System
  • Provide project Funding and Project Management
  • Technical Advice
  • Compliance & Legal matters
  • Ammonium sulphate solutions & fertiliser trading
“We already had an AD biogas plant on our farm running successfully, but we wanted to reduce the volume of substrate needed to be transported away from the AD plant. Victus Energy invested with us, providing capital and technology by way of the Vapogant digestate evaporator. The Vapogant system removes water from the digestate through vacuum evaporation using waste heat from the CHP. This process also bounds volatile nitrogen, minimising loss during distribution and making nitrogen available as ammonium sulphate solution (ASS). A highly concentrated liquid digestate is produced, reducing the costs of transport and storage. This makes our business stronger and more profitable. In a very competitive sector such as agri-food, absolutely everything helps”.

B Lilburn
Edenmore Farm

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