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About Victus

victus (genitive victūs); (masc.); way of life; that which sustains life; to feed; to nourish

So what’s in a name? Victus reflects the vision we have for our business to feed and nourish the projects and partners we have.

We embrace positive energy: in our lives, our communities and our businesses.

The foundations of Victus have been built on a decade of experience and enthusiasm for renewable energy and it’s benefits to our communities and the environment.

We have been investing in the renewable energy economy since 2006, firstly focusing on bio-fuels, solar PV and wind. We have successfully completed over 4,000 projects in the last decade and most recently we have been focused on biogas. Currently Victus has invested in over 20 biogas projects and is providing support and advice to other projects for new and existing clients in the UK & Ireland.

Client Case Studies